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The skincare products from Posh are meant to pamper us and who deserves to be pampered more than brides, grooms, their families, friends... the more I think about it, who doesn't deserve to be pampered!


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Keep Collective is a unique way to customize jewerly and accessories to create a beautiful memento of your special day. 


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Brooke's Best Picks is new and the items on this page will grow over time.  As I find interesting ideas, I will put them here to create a library for my viewers to enjoy.  If you want to share something with me, please email me and I may add it to my page.


Cheers To You!

Have you ever considered being a Certified Wedding Planner?  If so, have I got a course for you!  My friend and mentor, Deb McCoy from the American Academy of Wedding Professionals (AAWP) has created an amazing course that teaches you everything you need to know about planning a wedding, running a business and pretty much anything else you need guidance on relating to this industry and starting out. 


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