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Brooke Voris Weddings (BVW) boasts nearly two decades of experience in the art of wedding planning. Throughout this time, BVW has had the privilege of orchestrating a myriad of stunning weddings, spanning from chic urban affairs to intimate gatherings on private estates and beyond. Under the guidance of owner and founder, Brooke Voris, and her dedicated team, BVW is dedicated to crafting weddings that transcend the ordinary and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of couples and their guests.

At BVW, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. We believe that every detail matters and that each element of a wedding should reflect the couple's unique style, personality, and love story. From the grandest gestures to the smallest touches, we meticulously oversee every aspect of the wedding experience to ensure that it is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection and our uncompromising standards for excellence puts BVW’s head-and-tails above our competition. We go above and beyond to collaborate with only the finest vendors and partners who share our commitment to quality and professionalism. From renowned photographers and talented florists to top-tier venues and gourmet caterers, we handpick each vendor to ensure that they meet our stringent standards and uphold the BVW values.

Moreover, BVW’s goal is to create beautifully crafted weddings for all its clients and to ensure that meaningful experiences will resonate among our couples and their guests for years to come. We believe in fostering genuine connections and building trust with our clients, guiding them through every step of their wedding planning with care, empathy, and expertise. Our goal is to alleviate the stress of wedding planning and empower couples to fully embrace and enjoy their special day, knowing that every detail has been thoughtfully curated by the BVW team.

"Just wanted to THANK YOU for all that you did for my daughter's perfect wedding. I am still on a wedding high."


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Before selecting the perfect logo to complement BVW, our founder Brooke dedicated years to finding a symbol that would convey a profound connection and encapsulate the essence of Brooke Voris Weddings for our clients. This quest led us to the magnificent peacock.

The peacock symbolizes the individuality of each couple and their wedding, while also embodying the guidance, protection, and attentiveness that BVW offers them throughout their journey.

Meet the Mascot

Meet The Founder

Brooke Voris, the founder and heart behind Brooke Voris Weddings, firmly believes in ensuring that every couple's wedding reflects their unique desires and aspirations. Drawing from years of hands-on industry experience, Brooke has refined BVW's approach to crafting weddings to engage the senses, while enveloping the wedding’s participants and guests in the warmth of the couple’s love. No request is too grand for Brooke, and she is steadfast in her commitment to transforming her clients' visions into reality.

Prior to launching her business, Brooke honed her service skills in global corporate environments, where exceeding the expectations of diverse clients was paramount. She carried this passion into her wedding-planning venture, tirelessly striving to understand her clients, their cultures, and their expectations, and to treat each with the utmost care and respect.

Brooke's process has been meticulously crafted over decades, prioritizing the implementation of every detail with grace and precision. With her adept management, clients can fully immerse themselves in every moment of their special day, confident that BVW has everything expertly handled.

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BVW believes that every couple deserves a wedding day is as unique and as special as their love story... It’s our job to make those wishes and hopes come true!